Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to pay for beauty talk consultation?
2. Will I receive advice in Korean or Vietnamese?
3. Is the consulation through Oyoung App be translated accurately according to Korean doctors meaning?
4. I want to go for surgery through OYOUNG BEAUTY, but I don't want to have to talk to the doctor via the OYOUNG app. What I need to do?
5. How do I know All doctors through Oyoung App are good for Which speciality and not fake doctors?
1. How to contact Oyoung Beauty?
2. How to download Oyoung App?
1. Can I pay surgery fee later after my surgery?
2. Which party can I pay, OYOUNG or hospital?
3. Can I choose OYOUNG services after I fly to Korea?
5. What are the payment terms?
6. How do I pay for a health check-up?
7. Do I have to return to Korea for a follow-up visit after a few months?
1. What happens if I cancel Visa / flight ticket / hotel AFTER the Visa / flight / hotel reservation is made?
2. What happens when I want to change my schedule?
3. Do I have to pay a cancellation fee: airport pick-up service / interpreter, tour guide / or transportation fee in Korea?